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Firefighter Spraying Hose


- Provide necessary resources to ensure Murray residents receive a high standard of service when interacting with public safety personnel.


- Continue to provide adequate compensation to attract and retain the excellent city employees that allow for the high level of public safety that Murray enjoys.



- Murray is known for fast response times in emergencies and making sure roads are plowed and road damage is repaired. Work to ensure staff have all the necessary resources to ensure the high quality work is maintained.


- Murray Power is one of the greatest strengths the city has to supply utilities directly to residents, and the council will play a role in the decisions moving forward for the organization.


Water Filter Faucet
Bus Driver


- Reducing Congestion by providing and supporting a variety of transportation options including personal vehicle, transit, cycling and walking.


- Adjust land use and zoning ordinances as needed to allow Murray to grow and continue to develop while maintaining regular movement patterns for people who live, work, and travel through the community.



- Ensure that Murray adequately maintains parks and other public spaces to help increase access to an increasingly unique variation of recreation venues and options.


- Promote recreation programs offered by the city, such as those at the Park Center, and continue to provide opportunities that increase health and wellness amongst Murray residents of all ages.


Running in Park
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